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Kuwait Oil Company Hospital recruit nurse !!!

Job vacancy in KOC Hospital Kuwait


Home Nurse and Healthcare Agency

Professional unemployed populations in many countries is increasing day by day as well as population growth, the level of competition of life, employment opportunities and the economic crisis. Sometimes we spend education costs are not comparable with the salary that we expected. Probably most people find it difficult to find a good job, but in fact many job opportunities are waiting in the developed countries like USA, Canada and Europe. In example being a Home Nurse

Many home nurse agency hiring staff nurse to work in home based community, because many of senior citizens in developed country need care for their basis daily life. Home Nurse Agencies are paid more because lack of staffs. Nurse will work in home care agency has job responsibility to give patient education, innovative technologies, and specialized pediatric and adult services, as well as:
• Physical therapy 
• Occupational therapy 
• Speech therapy
• Nutrition services 
• Social services 
• Specialized wound care 
• IV and chemo therapy
• Pediatric specialty care 
• Daily monitoring of vital signs 

Advance-practice nurses help patients manage diseases such as diabetes and provide medication management, wound care, cardiac care, and mental health services. Physical therapists improve a patient’s mobility and independence by using treatments such as exercise and range of motion with a focus on safety. Occupational therapists help individuals with energy conservation and activities of daily living, such as eating, dressing, and bathing using training and assistive devices. Speech therapists work with individuals who need speech, language, communication, and swallowing training after a stroke, surgery, or other condition. Home health aides help with personal care and activities of daily living when skilled services are also provided. 

Specialty services are also provided by social workers, nutritionists, behavioral health nurses, and grief specialists for both children and adults. Many trusted and long established Home Nursing Agencies across USA, Canada and Europe. Try to explore, compare the benefits, salary, your right and responsibility. If you find better one you can start to enrolled with them to find new challenge and opportunity to work and live in western Countries

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Thousands Nursing Job Vacant in Middle East

In The last 10 years, Hundred thousand of nurses were graduated from the nursing school having difficulty to get job. but this is happening in the developed countries, So many nurses are looking for job like in the India, China, Philippine, Indonesia and other country in Asia and Africa.

Opposite with this fact, in the Rich countries they don't have enough nurses to cover the job of nurse with many reason. In the middle east countries the first reason are lacking of the educated people, We can see many for job vacancies for the nurses who want to work in Kuwait, Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc.

That is happen because the government gave the citizen many provide and easy live, free medical treatment, Free tax, and etc. But in the prestigious countries, the people don't like to study as a Nurse any more, they will study in the technology like engineering or they will choose to be a physician. With this problem, so many nurse will search a job abroad to other country, before 10 years the government have the important position to make MoU between countries to place the nurse on their job. Now the technology information was running fast, and every body can access an information from over the world even just from home. It is making easy to find a job, especially for the nurse who want to get more salary.

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Nursing recruitment @ alibaba.com

We provide healthcare, medical & nursing recruitment services. Healthcare professionals are one of the most sought after the world over. India has a rich resource of qualified, skilled and experienced healthcare professionals with a high level of expertise in their respective specialities. Indian professionals are also fluent in English and are able to adapt to the work culture of the Western Countries. We are specialised in recruiting health and social care professionals under work permits. Our services in this field have been recognised by the IES and we have been awarded with the "Excellance Award". Our data bank consists of : Doctors : Physicians Surgeons, Consulting Specialists, in all specialities Dentists Clinical Psychologists Therapists : Occupational Therapists, Physio Therapists Speech Language Pathologists Audiologists Registered Nurses Assistant Nurses Care givers and Assistants Paramedicos - Radiographers, Lab Technicians and others Social Workers

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Why to recruit nurse from India

Nursing jobs category now a days is becoming the key word in the medical and health care field. The nurse jobs prospects in India as well as in the International market are many thus attracting many young girls and male to this lucrative career in nursing. After Information Technology /information-technology.html, it is now the time for medical field, which indicates an upward trend for Indian Nurses, all across the world, to fill up shortages. India is considered to be one of the favorite destination to look for the qualified nurses as Indian schools are nurturing nursing professional matching international standards
If we look into that why recruiters hire nurses from India then the simple answer is that Indian nurses are in demand among International recruiters because of their ability to adapt extremely well in the foreign land. These nurses are superb caregivers with good English skills, an equivalent nursing education and recent clinical experience relevant for overseas job requirements

In US alone, around 120,000 trained registered nurses jobs have been published. The figure, according to the US labor department, might go up to 800,000 in the next 5-8 years. Nursing job seekers check the different job portals in India to find the relevant jobs in nursing abroad. Also “hire Indian nurses” is becoming the mantra of many hospitals and clinic center abroad.

Nursing is considered to be a knowledge-based and skilled job so salaries offered start from $ 5,000 and go up to $ 7,000-8,000. Indian nurses are held in high regard for their skill-sets therefore recruiters prefer hiring nurses from India. So there is a great demand for Indian nurses under the nursing job abroad category

So to match the International recruitment of Indian nurses there are many consultants who can help you in finding the best suitable nursing jobs abroad. But you will have to be very cautious while dealing with such cases as many consultants are fake and they just work for money. So check and verify the registration number of the consultant before taking the services

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